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French Law for Conditions of a Renewed Lease

As a matter of French law, there is no right for either party, and particularly the tenant, to vary the terms and conditions of the renewed commercial lease and the only issue which may be brought before the Courts in such a matter is that of the rental amount increase.

However, there is sometimes the opportunity to negotiate such modifications between the parties or their advisors without any litigation.

For example, it is often the case that a French commercial lease is granted solely for a particular type of business and thus no other type of business may be carried out on the same premises on pain of being in breach of the lease conditions.

Thus, if the tenant wishes to see the lease changed from a specific activity to a general all-business lease then the Landlord may be willing to envisage this as the counterpart either to a considerable increase in the rental amount and/or perhaps a single lump sum payment.

It is also sometimes the case that the parties agree to vary their respective liability for major repairs to the fabric of the building or perhaps in regard to fixtures, fitting and decoration thereof.

That said, if a specific written agreement is not reached, then with the exception of the rental amount it is the exact same conditions of the original lease that are applicable to the renewed lease.

The foregoing is not intended to be exhaustive and for specific information on questions flowing from the conditions of the renewed lease, please click here  

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