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French Law: Examples of current Paris rents - a brief overview

It is possible for our practice in French law to give an approximation of current rents in a particular part of Paris, as well as in the business districts of a certain number of other French cities.

However, the variables are so numerous that it is not practical to make the full information available on line.

Please would you therefore be kind enough to send an e-mail to with the street address and street number of the premises which it is proposed to lease, as well as the postal district and the use to which it is intended to put the premises in question.

It is also necessary to inform us whether or not the building is new, or in a good or poor general condition.

An approximation of the current rental amounts appropriate to that part of the city will be sent to you by e-mail.

It is nevertheless made clear that this service relates only to commercial rents and is intended solely as a rough guide and the information provided may not be held to be of a contractual or binding nature.

In any event, the foregoing is not intended to be exhaustive and for specific information on questions flowing from French commercial rents, please click here  

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