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French Law: Hiring Employees in France
French Law: Hiring Employees in France

Whilst this list should not be held to be exhaustive, the following points might be of particular comparative interest to practitioners used to the quite different provisions of many Common Law systems.

An employee resident in France, of whatever nationality, must generally have a written service agreement or contract of employment

The agreement in question must be drafted in the French language, but there is no restriction on a translation thereof being made available although the French version will always prevail.

Virtually all contracts of employment are for an open term (contrats à durée indéterminée)

Specific short term contracts (contrats à durée déterminée) are subject to stringent conditions and may not be renewed more than once.

A major legal distinction exists between "Cadres" (Executive grade employees) and "Employés" (Other lower grades of employees) and it should be noted that the French legal translation of the English word 'employees' is "salariés" and not "employés".

Employment Law provisions are laid down by codified statute (Code du Travail)

Collective bargaining agreements are widespread and in many specific industrial or commercial sectors are very often binding upon employers who were not a party thereto.

Provisions of Collective Bargaining Agreements or In-House Company regulations, which are in conflict with Statute Law generally, nevertheless prevail if in favour of the employee.

The foregoing is by no means intended to be exhaustive and for specific information relating to taking on employees in France, please click here  .

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