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Employment Law (Employer) - a brief overview

The intellectual and legal framework, as well as the general day-to-day approach, to the relationship between employer and employee in France is very different indeed from that generally encountered in the common law system and it is vital to take into account that employment in France is not 'at will'.

The legal relationship between employer and employee in France is very formal and highly regulated and the majority of direct and indirect legislation is held, by most lawyers, to lean in favour of the absolute protection of the interests of employee rather than the employer.

Triplet & Associés generally acts for the employer in matters flowing from French employment law and is regularly consulted by Employment Specialists in Law Firms from common law jurisdictions who wish to obtain an initial overview of French Law in this field.

The practice is also directly retained by a number of major United States and United Kingdom corporations not only to advise on employer/employee relations but also to assist in both augmenting and downsizing subsidiaries or branches of its clients, which are established in France.

French Bar rules preclude the practice from listing its clients in this public forum but it is possible to supply specific references in this field to potential new clients upon written request.

For specific information on French Employment Law, please click here  .

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