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Founded on trust, the firm is governed by rules of ethics and high standards.

In accordance with the code of ethics governing the legal profession, vigilance is imperative in terms of independence, confidentiality and absence of conflicts of interest.

No communication is made by the firm on a matter without the express consent of the client, including in litigation matters where court hearings are open to the public.

The support of our clients in their cases is based on three principles: responsiveness,
competence and listening.


Only answers and solutions provided as soon as possible allow us to provide useful and effective support to our clients in the realization of their projects.

Deadlines are therefore systematically agreed with clients from the outset.

This responsiveness considers the urgency and complexity of the question for an appropriate response.


Developing appropriate solutions as quickly as possible necessarily goes hand in hand with quality work based on the diverse and varied skills of each member of the fi rm according to the issues addressed and needs expressed by the client, in both advisory and litigation matters.

Quality and precision of the solutions offered are necessary for the success of our clients’projects.


The firm engages in an in depth dialogue with its clients in order to provide them with appropriate solutions.

This approach is the basis of the constructive relationship established with clients individually , considering their activity, their specificity, and their expectations.
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