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As a guarantee of trust and serenity and in accordance with the legal and ethical rules of the French legal profession, the Firm's fees are set in a Fee Agreement with the client after analysis of the file and determination of the procedures to be undertaken in an Engagement Letter.

On the basis of complete information and agreed reciprocal commitments, and in accordance with professional practices, fees are established based on the following elements:
  • time devoted to the case;
  • the nature, difficulty of the case and the research work;
  • the importance of the interests involved;
  • the impact of the Firm’s fees and charges;
  • the notoriety, title, seniority, experience, specialization of the acting lawyer;
  • the results and benefits obtained as well as the service provided;
  • the client's financial situation.
In addition to these fees, outlays and expenses relating to the file may possibly be added (e.g. bailiff fees, expert appraisal fees, translation fees, fee-based disbursements, tax fees, formality and publication fees, etc.).

It may be decided to choose between two methods of calculating fees:
  • Time spent,
  • Fixed fee for a defined service.

Fees for time spent

The principle of remuneration of the Firm is based on time spent according to an hourly rate fixed in advance. Fees are based on the time actually spent on the client's file. With each invoice, client is sent a detailed statement of the Firm's work, exhaustively listing all the tasks implemented in his interest as well as the lawyer involved.

Fixed fees

In this case, the fees are fixed globally and in advance at the start of the file for a defined service.

This fixed fee generally corresponds to a mission determined in its content and in the time taken to complete it.

In legal matters, it includes all the procedures to be carried out before the courts, which involves procedural acts, hearings and all services (excluding execution).

This fee can be paid in several monthly instalments if necessary.

If applicable, any unplanned service could be subject to new remuneration based on a new Fee Agreement.


The Firm can also offer a subscription, the terms of which (on request, time spent, flat rate and/or over a specific period) are defined with the client according to their needs.

Success fees

The basic remuneration (for time spent or fixed rate) may be accompanied by an additional fee known as a success fee, in accordance with our ethical rules. This additional success fee is established according to a percentage, previously fixed in agreement with the client, of the sums both recovered and saved by the latter in legal matters, in particular transaction or conventional termination, or judicial matter at the end of a court decision.

The lawyer is formally prohibited from receiving only a performance fee (“Quota litis” pact) based on the court decision.

National consumer mediator for the legal profession

In accordance with the provisions of articles L. 612-1 et seq. of the Consumer Code, you have the possibility, in the event of a dispute with a lawyer, to have recourse free of charge to the Consumer Mediator who will be the national mediator near the National Bar Council (CNB) and whose contact details are as follows:

Carole Pascarel, consumer mediator of the legal profession
Address : CNB, 180 boulevard Haussmann – 75008 Paris
E-mail address :
Website :
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